Some statistics.

2019 has ended up with 2524 new BFAA licenses over the Baltics (742 in Estonia, 1008 in Latvia and 760 in Lithuania).

Year 2020 characterizes with the slower speed not only in economic growth, but also in licensing. Despite the slowdown examination process still does not stop, and so far in 2020 BFAA has issued 260 new licenses – 66 of them in Estonia, 109 – in Latvia and 85 in Lithuania.

News in websites.

It is always important to be aware about the status of your license as well as to be sure, that your advisor is licensed, and his/her license is still active. To make the information about our license holders even more accessible we have upgraded our license holder search engine in BFAA websites with additional features (active and non-active licenses are separated in the search now, and detailed information about the license issuance is available).

CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Although 2020 has made us to change and adapt our style of work and studying, learning process of Investment and Insurance advisors never ends. The first BFAA CPD e-trainings were delivered in 2019, and now our license holders can update their knowledge on:

  • Personal finance
  • Currency FX
  • Principles of Establishing the Insurance Premium

Besides that, we are working on four new CPD trainings:

  • Index mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds in theory and practice
  • Taxation on Investments
  • Code of Ethics – case study
  • Insurance of biometric risks

These will be available to our license holders during 2020.

What`s next?

Our license holders continue to learn and develop themselves, and so do we.

In the Autumn of 2020 BFAA is going to come up with something new – digital badges for our license holders. Want to know more? Just wait for our next messages.